Mini Home Makeover: The Entryway

I pin a lot of amazing home decor spaces to my pinboards, most of which I can never achieve in my Texas house in the suburbs. But when I saw this minty green dresser, I immediately thought, ‘I have that!’ Well, not exactly that, but something very close. I inherited a quirky green dresser from the previous owner of my apartment in Brooklyn many years ago, and I’ve kept it over 15 years and through 5 moves even though it doesn’t go with anything else I own. I’ve always loved it, but didn’t know quite what to do with it. Last weekend, we pulled it out of the guest bedroom and moved it front and center into our entryway. I would have taken a before shot of the bookshelves we removed, but I think my husband and I were so eager to get rid of them that we didn’t think to stop and take a picture.

And then there’s the painting. I love that painting in the inspiration photo, but there is no attribution on the interior designer’s portfolio site and what are the chances I could actually afford it? Slim. So, I painted my own simpler and not quite as beautiful version. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, and now our entryway is so much brighter and cheerier.


8 thoughts on “Mini Home Makeover: The Entryway

  1. Hey hey hey woman! No debbie downers allowed…your painting is beautiful! Inspiration is the the *start*…and what each of us does is use it as a guide! You did a genius job with what you have…and a brilliant job with what you created! Bravo!


  2. To be honest, I like yours better. The dresser has more details and I love those handles 🙂 Great job!

  3. How did I miss this post? I love the dresser, and your take on the dandelion print (I didn’t know whether you tracked back the image and discovered that it’s Anna Wintour’s Long Island home, which I adore!) – I’m sure given her impeccable taste that it cost a ton of cash 🙂

    • How did I miss that this was from Anna Wintour’s home? I went to the decorator’s site, but didn’t remember seeing the name of who lived there. So I guess I can officially give up my dream of owning the same work of art, but take pleasure in knowing I have a similarly colored dresser – and great taste in art 😉

  4. That painting has been something I’ve wanted to tackle for a while now and you’ve done a great job! Would you be willing to give more details as to how you did it? What did you paint it onto? It looks rugged around the edges. Thanks!

    • Hi Katie,
      I used acrylic paint on canvas, painted mostly with sponge brushes. I left the edges of the canvas unpainted, and added a layer of light brownish paint about 1 inch from the edge. I made that pretty jagged and uneven along the edges. Next, I added a layer of paint in a slighter lighter shade of tan. Once the base was finished, I used an unsharpened tip of a pencil to stamp dots to form the flowers. I did this part in 2 shades of metallic gray paint. Last, I added the stems.
      Hope that helps. I’m not a painter, but this was definitely pretty easy for a novice to do!

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