Friday Favorites

After being cooped up in the house most of last weekend, I’m hoping for lots of out and about time over the next couple of days. The Small Houses of Great Artists exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum is on my wish list, but I have a feeling the closer-to-home Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is a more likely destination.

A few of my favorites from the week:

Happy Weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    • Can you believe my husband doesn’t want to ever show this to our son? Despite his misgivings, I’m totally headed to the store for diet coke and mentos after work today 😉

      • I have to ask Juleed….did you do the Coke bombs? I told my wife about it and she said “what a perfectly horrible thing to do to a bottle of coke! LOL!

        (still going to try it though!)


      • Your wife isn’t alone – so many people I’ve mentioned it too had the same reaction. And, no, we didn’t try it. I think I chickened out – a little afraid of what my kids may try once they discover that this is possible.

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