Designing With Children’s Drawings: Part 2

Last week, I used one of Jenna’s recent drawings to create a tote bag. This week, we’ve been on a bit of a sticker craze.

I started this craft with the idea of using some of Jenna’s existing drawings to make stickers for her, but once she realized that we could make stickers, she became a bit of a sketching machine. And with each new drawing, no matter how small, she immediately wanted me to cut it out and run it through our Xyron sticker maker. At first I was making the stickers for her, but then I realized she could probably do it herself. It was a bit of a struggle, but she was pretty determined and eventually got the hang of it.

I purchased the repositionable cartridges so that we would move the stickers around. I even let her put a few stickers on my desk and her door – something I might regret later – not sure if she understands the difference between repositionable and permanent adhesive. Guess we’ll find out someday.

We also tried to enlist Jason in this activity by appealing to his current obsession with The Avengers, but he wouldn’t be swayed. I think he’s already under the impression that stickers are for girls.

So Jenna made a Captain America journal – for herself.

But, mostly, she made flowers, rainbows and people.


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