A Necklace Inspired By Moonrise Kingdom

I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom this weekend. I loved the story, the characters and, of course, the visual styling. I especially enjoyed all of the paraphernalia that the two protagonists carried along on their adventure, including the binoculars held around Suzy’s neck by a leather strap with beads spelling her name. On Sunday afternoon, I decided to buy some of the same alphabet beads to make a similarly styled necklace with Jenna.


Making Necklaces

Jenna can’t quite spell anything other than her name, but she loved playing with the letters and trying to spell various words.

Once she finished her ‘Jenna’ necklace, she wanted to make another. When I asked her what she wanted it to say, she said “wash hands.” Not sure where that came from, but I appreciate her sporting such a positive public service announcement.

And, of course, I had to make one for myself.


5 thoughts on “A Necklace Inspired By Moonrise Kingdom

  1. I liked this movie as well. It reminded me of our childhood in so many ways. The phonograph with everyone circling around listening to the records over and over again. The plaid satchel, the lunch box, bows and arrows, and the bugle. Everything! Even the fishing tackle bag. Your necklaces are quite quirky. Love them!
    Did your mom see the movie? Did you see the opening of the Olympics?

    • I know – I loved all of the stuff in the movie! I bought a Fisher-Price record player (like I had when I was little) that I plan to give to Jason some day. My mom didn’t go – she watched the kids so Joe and I could go (yay, mom!). But I think she’s planning to see it soon.
      Hope you’re doing well!

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