Frozen in Carbonite

There is a scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo is frozen in some kind of substance known as “carbonite.” This scene made quite an impact on my son, who frequently refers to his Lego figures as being frozen in carbonite. I decided to take this imaginary state a step further recently by freezing a few of his Star Wars Lego figures in ice (or, as we call it, ‘carbonite’).  These carbonite cubes have been quite a hit at our house of late, and now my son has taken to making his own frozen figures.  With temperatures well over 100 degrees, an activity that combines ice with Legos and Star Wars is definitely good times.


5 thoughts on “Frozen in Carbonite

  1. What fun!

    My son is 12, and likes to think he is past the Lego stage, but earlier in the week, we stopped at the Lego store her in Chicago while we are visiting for old time’s sake, and he bought himself a Lego model. I don’t think you are ever really too old for Lego!

    • Even my husband still loves Legos. We can’t wait till Jason is old enough for the city architectural series – and when he can put them together himself. He still relies on us to put together his new sets.

    • You’re welcome! I’ve been pretty surprised by how long my kids have stayed interested in this activity. We’ve made frozen Star Wars figures every day this week! I also saw an idea for freezing several toys in a large baking dish and letting kids ‘excavate’ them with play tools. Might try that next!

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