Simple/Fun: Dot Art

Sometimes, all it takes is a piece of paper and some standard office supplies, and Jenna is a happy camper.


5 thoughts on “Simple/Fun: Dot Art

  1. who doesn’t like office supplies, right? LOL! Okay this idea is brilliant just for the simplicity of it. Sounds like the perfect “no stress” activity for a kiddo recovering from strep…just enough energy to whine…and not enough to do any concentrated activity. Thank J, you’ve saved the day again!


    • Oh, I love office supplies! And, yes, I think this would be great for a sick kiddo too. Very easy and lots of possibilities. An older child could do something more figurative – dots in the shape of flowers, sun, etc. But abstract is good too!!

      • went out and bought not only the small dots, but the big kind with the hole in the center to mix things up a bit. We’ll see what next week brings! (This week we painted rocks for the garden, another simple sit-outside-during-recovery activity)


      • Hope your child recovers soon. Never fun being sick, but summer seems like an even worse time for it.
        Have a good weekend!

      • Thanks Juleed! He is almost fully recovered (26 years of parenting, and this is my very first case of strep throat! Needless to say, it was pretty quiet here with an 8 year old boy nearly silent for an entire week!) Dots are on the agenda for tomorrow…He keeps *begging* me to tell him what the craft surprise is!

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