Favorite Places: Flight Museum

This weekend we visited the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. Since my husband was once in the Air Force and we both currently work in the airline/travel industry, we’re a bit partial to activities involving airplanes, and this was the perfect spot for getting J+J interested in them as well. Jason loved sitting in the cockpit of a 737 and exploring all of the controls, but I think his favorite part (and Jenna’s) was jumping in the airplane-themed bounce house. Some things never change.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Places: Flight Museum

  1. My son would absolutely love this place. We are planning a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford (UK) as the last time we visited he was really too small to appreciate it. If you’re ever over this side of the pond it’s definitely worth a trip.
    We’re very lucky to live by a small airport, and frequently see airbus a319 flights taking off and coming in. Last week we watched a Hurricane, Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber take off.So great for him to see both commercial flights and some incredibly well preserved pieces of history!

    • Anna, that sounds unbelievably cool! I am a fascinated by WWII history and back in 2008, I only had 48 hours in London on business and the one truly tourist-y thing I was able to do was tour the underground bunker Churchill used to run The Battle Over Britain.

      And related to the aircraft you mentioned above, the museum Julee posted has a British Tiger Moth, the trainer for all UK pilots during WWII.

    • We definitely hope to visit the UK with the kids some day, and it sounds like both my husband and son would like the Imperial War Museum. Thanks for sharing!
      – Julee

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