DIY Art Display Dots

I am always on the lookout for ways to display children’s art. I especially love ideas that let children hang up their own art, as Jenna loves to decorate the walls with her pictures. Last week, I made these simple ‘art dots’ that allow you to easily display something on the wall and just as easily remove it or reposition it later.

To create the art dots, I used a package of small wood discs purchased at a craft store (1 1/4 inch diameter), along with Scotch removable mounting squares, Martha Stewart patterning tape, acrylic paints and a brush.

Here’s how I created the dots:


5 thoughts on “DIY Art Display Dots

  1. neat! I am especially fond, however, of the idea of the “line” with the office supply grabbers on them. That would work wonderfully well in my dining room (we do a March “show” call the Lucky Leprechaun Art Show and invite the godparents over to view. The kids make tea-time munchies, and serve punch in tiny tea cups…it’s quite an event!) This idea would make mounting the artwork happen much faster. I thank you, once more, Juleed!


    PS the dots thing last week? So funny….they spent a ton of time drawing their designs. and used less than 10 dots each! But I let it be free flowing and they had a blast. We laminated each kids drawing (even the 16 year old got into it) and made place mats for our kitchen island.

    • Oh, I LOVE hearing how other kids adapt our craft ideas! Making place mats out of the drawings is a great idea. Will need to do that with J+J soon.

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