Starting a New Tradition: Back-to-School Portraits

Today is Jason’s very first day of school. He was pretty excited about starting ‘big boy school,’ and even woke up before his Darth Vader alarm sounded. That. Never. Happens.

I knew this morning would be hectic and emotional, so I decided in advance that I wasn’t going to document every second in my usual photography-momma kind of way. But I definitely wanted to commemorate the event somehow, so this weekend I decided to start an annual tradition: back-to-school portraits. For our inaugural portrait, Jason and I went to his new school to play on the playground. I also snapped a few pics of him sitting in the empty parking lot, which ended up being my favorites. What can I say, photography momma loves stripes.

What about you, do you have any annual start of school traditions?


12 thoughts on “Starting a New Tradition: Back-to-School Portraits

  1. I love your portraits – just gorgeous, and what a wonderful tradition! I recently saw a friend’s images of her daughter’s first day of school in kindergarten, and her last day of school in high school, sitting on the same bench (she went to a private school which goes from K-12. )

    I hope Jason has a wonderful first day of school – I can still remember taking E. to his first day of school 8 years ago 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. For a spur of the moment photo shoot, I was pretty happy with how these turned out. As you can imagine, Jason doesn’t like to sit still – especially with a playground nearby! I would LOVE to stick with this every year and be able to look back through all of years when he finishes high school. I think he will love it too 🙂

  2. Thank you for the great idea. My girls start pre-K at their elementary school this year and I’ve been thinking about how to document this milestone.

  3. what great shots and a great idea. I’ve always been envious of those children who have a first day of school shot taken in the same place every year – we’ve moved around so much I didn’t have that chance. hope the first day went well!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! His first day (and second) went really well. He told me his school is “really awesome,” so that’s a pretty good endorsement.

    • The passwords are impossible! His only clue is the first letter of the word … and let’s just say he has a little work ahead of him in the spelling department 😉

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