Scenes from Lake Ray Hubbard

Earlier this summer, I booked a Labor Day trip to a beach along the Texas coast. Jason and Jenna had never been to the beach, so we were pretty excited to finally let them walk in the waves and play in the sand. Little did I know when I booked the trip that Jason would be starting school before Labor Day, and a 5-day trip coinciding with the start of kindergarten didn’t seem like one of my better parenting decisions. So, our plans were scrapped and I started looking for a nearby spot were we could spend the 3-day weekend. We ended up at Lake Ray Hubbard, just outside of Dallas and less than an hour drive from our house. We didn’t get to play in the sand or swim in the water, but after a weekend of sunset cruises, you won’t hear me complaining.


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3 thoughts on “Scenes from Lake Ray Hubbard

    • Let’s just say it was a HOT weekend. A little too warm to be outside as much as we’d like. But we went on 2 sunset cruises, so I can’t complain too much.

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