Friday Favorites

Yesterday was Jenna’s 4-year check-up, an event accompanied by 4 shots. Four. Ouch. Watching your child get shots never gets any easier, and after enduring what ended up being a hour-and-a-half visit, I couldn’t possibly drop her off at school. Instead, I brought her home so she could “work” with mommy. I may have given her the impression that my job involves lots of coloring, crafting and tv watching, since that’s how she occupied her time while I sat at my computer most of the afternoon. By the end of the day, she was very clear about how much she preferred “working” to going to school.

Here are a few favorites from my week:

  • Can’t wait to try out these geometric printables with J+J.
  • Did you love View-Master as a child? Now you can have your own photos made into View-Master reels.
  • Ok, I’ll admit it. I can’t wait for Halloween and I’ve been pinning like crazy (this and this and this …).
  • I’m not always so good with accessories, so I love this series ‘What to Wear With …
  • Now that Jason’s started school (and our lives revolve around school activities, soccer games, birthday parties, etc.), I feel like this simple advice is more important than ever.

Happy Weekend!


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. God planned for hands. Jenna you have a right hand and a left hand. Hands go with you everywhere. so, why not make them look pretty with a beautiful bracelet? Hands like to paint! What brand of paint did you use? The sheen is lovely. Do they have wooden bracelets in a thinner style? Thank God for busy hands that learn to work and play.

    • Hi May,
      We used Kid Made Modern paint from Target. The colors are gorgeous, but I found out the hard way that they don’t wash out of clothes very easily. And, yes, the bracelets come in a couple of styles. I also ordered some thinner ones, but, of course, Jenna preferred the giant ones! Hope you’re doing well! We miss you.

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering what kind of pricing you found from Banglewood on your unfinished bangles? I am looking for some but am finding the prices quite high.

    • I bought a set of 3 chunky bracelets for $11.97. I also purchased a set of 3 slender geometric bracelets (shown in another post) for $10.50.

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