Painted Glitter Pumpkins

It’s  probably a little early to start decorating for Halloween. In fact, Halloween decorations are usually a bit of a last-minute thing at our house, since Jason’s birthday falls the week before and I don’t want the spiders, bats and cobwebs interfering with the party theme. But we spotted pumpkins at the market this weekend and couldn’t resist buying a batch of tiny white  pumpkins. And once we had them in our home, tiny hands wanted to play with them. So we went to work painting and glittering.


4 thoughts on “Painted Glitter Pumpkins

  1. what kind of pain did you use? I am planning on a painting pumpkin party for my kiddo’s fourth birthday and I am wondering what kind of paint works best. Thanks!

    • We used Martha Stewart metallic gold acrylic paint and it adhered really well.
      Best wishes on your daughter’s birthday!


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