I Heart: Display Boxes for Littles

I’m seriously loving all of the use of boxes, drawers and crates for displaying cherished little objects. But I have to wonder if the objects displayed stay on display. In my kids’ rooms, the shelves are usually bare and every other surface – especially the floor – is completely covered. Maybe my kids are just messier … or maybe I just need higher shelves?

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5 thoughts on “I Heart: Display Boxes for Littles

  1. Me, too! I always think I will wait because I want the Fall pumpkins to look fresh. but I just bought one Sunday from the market. Check out http://www.Elly MacKay. she is an artist and she is starting to make children’s books since she is a mom, now. Learning together… all the joy! -Love ya.

    • I’m totally with you on the glue – I’ve even thought of doing that to all of the Lego sets my husband and I put together, only to have them disassembled hours later.

  2. The toys that kept up high on a display shelf are for special times with supervision.
    They are never meant for children to mix them with their other toys. Just like mom. -Love ya!

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