Lego Monster Party Prep

With just one week until Jason’s 6th birthday party, I went into Lego overload this weekend. The theme is Lego Monster Mash, a mash-up of Lego and Halloween. Here’s a peak at the party planning, along with a few templates.

Lego eye photo booth props: PDF template

Mr. Lego Pumpkin Head

Lego Mummy Juice Boxes: PDF of the Lego eyes

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14 thoughts on “Lego Monster Party Prep

    • Thanks, Giulia. A space/rocket themed party sounds fun too. Enjoy it before they become too fixated on characters and everything has to be about The Avengers, Star Wars, etc.

  1. Hi! If you spray the juice boxes with liquid starch the wrap will become somewhat harder.
    Are you could try mod podge watered down and sprayed lightly. Try one first. Enjoy your
    plans so far. You sure come up with good ideas.

    • I have modge podge so I might try that. I also made a giant Lego mummy head using the big Lego storage head that’s out now. For that, I used gauze dyed in tea. Looks much more realistic than the crepe paper for the juice boxes.

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