Simple/Fun: Felt Forests

We’ve been having lots of sick days at our house, and sick days for kids means work-from-home days for mom and dad. Trying to balance caring for – and entertaining – a sick child with conference calls and other work-related tasks isn’t easy, so I love when I find an activity that keeps Jason or Jenna independently engaged for a little bit of time. Felt Forests turned out to be just such an activity. All it takes is a big pile of triangles cut out of felt (older children can cut their own), a glue stick and paper or poster board.


2 thoughts on “Simple/Fun: Felt Forests

  1. I absolutely love the green forest. All the colors of felt are divine. Looks like God helped to plant them.
    He does have the “eye” for color detail you know. I’m excited about Christmas. Are you?
    It would be great to design a winter picture with trees and snow on them. Paint it on canves and use a special brush for painting trees. Then ” ever so lightly” sprinkle extra-light shimmer glitter on the painting using a shaker cup.

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