Felt + Yarn Garland

felt and yarn garland

I made a simple holiday garland this weekend using material I had on hand. I purchased some felt balls from Purl Soho a few months ago and had been wanting to put them to use. I’ve seen a couple of felt ball garlands online and it made me wish I had purchased more.  Since I only had a handful, I decided to combine them with felt flowers and pom poms.


I made the flowers by cutting petals out of felt and sewing them together in the center. I used this tutorial, minus the decoupage/glue step.


For the poms poms, I used this tutorial. Jenna really wanted to help, so I wrapped the yarn around her hands to form the pom poms instead of my own.


Once the pieces were ready, I threaded everything onto red and white striped twine.


And then I placed the garland along our windows in the kitchen.


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