Cardboard Gingerbread House Gift Tags

cardboard gingerbread house gift tags

We’ve purchased most of our gifts online this year, so boxes showing up at our house is almost a daily occurrence. The stack of boxes in the garage is getting pretty tall, so this weekend I decided to put some of the cardboard to use by making gingerbread house gift tags. I had planned to make them by myself – you know, so Jason and Jenna wouldn’t wonder why Santa was using our homemade gift tags – but Jenna can always tell when I’ve got something crafty going on in the office and it wasn’t long before she was in on the action. Since starting school, Jason has become much more interested in coloring and crafts, so of course, he joined in.

These are very easy to make and could be used as gift tags or ornaments. I started by cutting a few panels off of cardboard boxes (in areas that didn’t have any printing) and then made a couple of house patterns out of regular paper. I traced the patterns onto the cardboard and then cut the cardboard using a ruler and extacto knife. We used a white Galaxy Marker (which can be purchased at Hobby Lobby) and charcoal crayons to decorate the houses. Once the houses were complete, I used a hole punch at the top and then tied some silver twine through the hole.



And now we have our very first present under the tree:



16 thoughts on “Cardboard Gingerbread House Gift Tags

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  2. I love your Gingerbread house. When can I move in?
    Poor choices can result in lifelong regrets, but they don’t
    have to dictate our future. Welcome everyone with great
    joy and love this holiday season. Love, Aunt May
    P.S. I love your Christmas Card. Thank you!

    • Hi May,
      How are you? I’m excited to hear Tracy will be moving – I think she’ll be a little bit closer to Texas! I hope you’re having a great holiday season. Today is the last day of school and vacation starts tomorrow. The kids are so excited for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive!!
      Merry Christmas!

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