Simple/Fun: Pasta Bead Necklaces

This weekend, Jenna and I painted tiny tube-shaped pasta and made necklaces with the pasta beads:

pasta beads necklaces


2 thoughts on “Simple/Fun: Pasta Bead Necklaces

  1. Greetings, I was telling your mom that I bought a new nook book yhat I am looking forward to reading.
    The title is “EIGHT GIRLS TAKING PICTURES.” This book is a work of fiction inspired by several real women photographers whose lives and work have a strong influence on other womans lives. They all are fascinated by photography. They tell a story in their pictures that give others meaning. What’s important is their friendship. This book can be considered both an intpretation of real life and a portrayal of invented lives.This novel is a love letter note, her valentine to these woman photographers, whom she has loved most of her adult life. -Sound familiar, doesn’t it? Love, Aunt May P.S. It’s not a Christian book.

    • Wow. I just read more about the book on and immediately bought it. It sounds fascinating – and, yes, definitely something I can relate to. Thanks for sharing! I don’t have a Nook, so I bought the hardcover version. I sometimes use the Kindle app on my phone, but it’s also nice to have the physical book sometimes.

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