Golden Heart Planter DIY

potted plant diy

This time of year, I always start to crave greenery. Winter has just taken hold in Texas, and I’m already wishing for Spring. My response is usually to buy indoor plants, something I’ve done in full force this year.  I also added a new terra cotta planter to our growing collection of containers, and over the weekend I painted it white and added a large gold heart. Now I’m ready for Spring and Valentine’s Day.

heart pot

P.S. Just one more scene of green from our house:



5 thoughts on “Golden Heart Planter DIY

  1. J+J our mighty warriors, Learn all you can while you are young so that when you are grown, you will be a good leader. Bring out of your storeroom (home) new treasures as well as old. Remember tender warriors know how to express love. Hidden treasures are always around you. Love, Aunt May

    • May, I must admit that when she told me that she was going to paint a big golden heart on the new terra cotta planter, I was skeptical. But everything she does turns out so well, it looks as if it always belonged in the living room.

      • You should turn it around and see what’s on the other side. (spoiler alert: Jenna’s painted heart). I think she’s a little upset that mine is facing outward 😉

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