Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

vegetarian shepherd's pie

My aunt recently commented on one of my posts that my British roots are apparent in everything I do. I guess it’s no surprise then that I’ve always wanted to make Shepherd’s Pie – vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. This week, I made my first batch of mini pies, basing them on this recipe. I substituted real butter (of course) for the vegan alternative and omitted the vegan Worcestershire Sauce since we didn’t have any on hand. Oh, and I mixed a bit of bacon in my husband’s pie. Surprise! Just the kind of vegetarian recipe he loves. Bacon or not, these pies were really good and I’ll definitely be making them again.

vegetarian shepherd's pie

vegetarian shepherd's pie


8 thoughts on “Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Julie – Thanks so much for posting!!! I’m old school still – the recipe is printed, in it’s own plastic sleeve and in my recipe binder!!! Thanks!!!


    • I wish I were more old school. I’ve had a recipe book for 2 years that I haven’t filled; meanwhile, all of my recipes are on bits of paper on my desk, in the kitchen or linked on Pinterest. Not a good system …

  2. Check out the “Pioneer Woman” cooking TV show.
    Pictures and stories about their men and their horse
    goes along with her ideas. I just looked up the “Supper
    Bowl” ideas. The schools in England served Shepherds
    Pie every week. They eat their big meal at noon. Then
    at supper they serve cucumber sanwiches. Bacon might
    be good for the meat lovers. Smile, May

    • May, I am literally heating up one of Julee’s mini Shepherds Pies as I type this. It is better than any other I’ve had (most recent being a serviceable one from Cheesecake Factory). This is one British dish I am glad to say she has mastered. I am glad that the vegetarian in her will keep her from moving on to say, Steak and Kidney Pie.

    • I read the Pioneer Woman’s blog occasionally but I’ve never seen her show. I’ll have to look for it. I love cucumber sandwiches, but, yes, I’d probably have to substitute bacon for the rest of the family 😉

  3. If only English school dinners were made as nicely and with as much flavour these days! You did a great job Julee. If you’re looking for any more hearty British recipes I would thoroughly recommend the River Cottage – they’ve some fantastic vegetarian recipes – they actually had a recent series all about producing vegetarian dishes to satisfy meat lovers! May be worth a look : ) Anna x

    • Oh, I will definitely check that out. I’m definitely on the lookout for recipes that can be easily adapted to suit both. Thanks!

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