Coffee Filter Watercolor Hearts

A couple of years ago, I let Jenna dip-dye a batch of coffee filters cut into heart shapes. It was probably one of her favorite crafts ever, so I thought I would bring it back this year. Since we no longer stock food coloring, we used watercolor paints instead. And, much like last time, we used the painted hearts to make a Valentine’s Day garland.

coffee filter watercolor hearts


6 thoughts on “Coffee Filter Watercolor Hearts

    • That’s exactly what started us on this craft a couple of years ago! I had bought coffee filters in bulk and we had 3 boxes leftover!

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    Last week, Lilly and I finally got started on some Valentine’s crafts. This little craft was great! Since we own a Keurig, we have a big ol’ stack of coffee filters just begging to be used. Lilly loved painting all the hearts. She made sure no two hearts were the same. After the hearts dried, we taped them to some pink and red ribbon and hung them in our kitchen. šŸ™‚

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