Watercolor Set Valentine

give art for valentine's day

watercolor set valentine

watercolor set valentine

watercolor set valentine

Jenna’s class has a Valentine’s Day party next week, and since candy is not allowed, I wanted to include a gift item that all of the kids would like. Jenna loves art, so watercolor sets were a perfect fit. I found a batch of inexpensive watercolors at the craft store and then set to work. My first step was figuring out what the Valentine’s would say. This was much harder than I expected, and my husband and I brainstormed for quite awhile to come up with ideas. I also found a great resource for all sorts of Valentine’s puns, and two of my final messages came from this list. I especially love these because Jenna helped paint them!


14 thoughts on “Watercolor Set Valentine

    • My daughter loved making these, though she was a little upset when she saw me cutting her paintings! Once she saw the final thing, I was forgiven 😉

  1. I love this! And now I am sad I already got the magnifying glasses for my daughter. Definitely pinning this for next year. Thanks for sharing!

    • I had a similar thing happen with the Valentine’s I’m making for my son. I bought some paper mustaches to make mustache photo props, and then I saw lightsaber Valentine’s using glow sticks. Oh well, there’s always next year!

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  4. I love this! It’s so crazy how a simple watercolor set could look so gorgeous! The color scheme you and your daughter chose was also perfect for Valentines day! AHHH your whole blog is just too perfect! 🙂

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