Gold Rocks

gold painted rocks for st. patricks day

J+J love little treasures to hold in their hands, and who doesn’t love a little gold these days? With St. Patrick’s Day a couple of weeks away, I decided to create a little pot of gold-painted rocks for Jason and Jenna. Unfortunately, they already found them in a half-painted state in my office, so the element of surprise (and any pretense of Leprechaun magic) is clearly gone. But perhaps I’ll bury them in the backyard for a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt.

Happy March!


5 thoughts on “Gold Rocks

    • Initially, I used an acrylic paint from Michael’s – the brand is CraftSmart and the color was Metallic Gold. I thought the color was a little dark, so I covered them in Martha Stewart Metallic Yellow Gold for the final coat. I love the Martha Stewart metallic paints, but I find that they are a little too sheer/transparent.

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