A Few Scenes from Our Cruise

cruise - the sea

We returned from a week-long vacation yesterday, and I spent the day transitioning back to reality … which mostly means doing laundry and catching up on work. This trip was Jason and Jenna’s first time visiting the beach, something I’ve looked forward to for years. And while any family vacation has its share of stressful moments (like the time Jason got into the pool and started screaming that his legs were on fire, or the time I went in search of my husband and son with the fear that they had been quarantined due to illness, or the time Jason asked – in a crowded elevator – if this was the deck he threw up on), overall it was a trip full of wonderful memories. My favorite moments were definitely seeing J+J play on the beach, and I’m having the best time today going through the photos and seeing their excited faces as they splash in the waves. I’ll share some of the beach pics later this week, but in the meantime, here are my favorite photos taken on the ship, Mariner of the Seas.

cruise - ship windows


cruise - window

cruise - windows


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