Painted Eggs

painted eggs

We had a house full of sickness this weekend, which makes for the perfect time for simple crafts like this one. I bought a batch of paper eggs at the craft store and let Jason and Jenna go to town painting them in pink, gold and silver. I thought we would use them as decorations, but Jenna has already hidden them in her room. Guess I’ll have to find them first.

painted eggs

painted eggs

painted eggs


3 thoughts on “Painted Eggs

  1. Very creative eggs. I like those wooden eggs. You can also
    decompage paper with glue and let dry. Same method on
    confetti eggs. We made Stars this year in all the playdough
    colors. The dough looks like play dough and it’s easy. Our
    school sold the dough in a fund raiser. Now each person can
    stack his stars like a pyramid. We made baskets, also and
    filled them with hand made crafts, etc. Happy Easter! -Aunt May

    • Hi May,
      I wanted to make baskets this year but decided it was too complex given how sick all of us were this week. Most of us are feeling better today luckily. Hope you’re having a great Easter!

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