A Hello Kitty Rainbow Flower Art Party

hello kitty birthday party

We celebrated Jenna’s 5th birthday this weekend. She requested a Hello Kitty Rainbow Flower party, a theme I found a bit difficult to tie together in a cohesive way. The chosen location – a local children’s art studio – added an ‘art’ theme to an already heavily themed party. But in the end, it all came together just fine. Lesson learned: don’t settle for one theme when you can have four. Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Here are a few scenes from the festivities:

hello kitty art party

hello kitty art party



6 thoughts on “A Hello Kitty Rainbow Flower Art Party

  1. Happy Birthday, Jenna! Art what a great way to have a party. Art is what children create that has beauty or special meaning. Your mom likes art because it shows the world how she sees things. You both love to
    create something pretty. Your dad, also. We love the picture of him helping you blow out the candles. Justin reading near your mom is paints a great picture as well. Love you, Aunt May

  2. sorry…Jason. I do take after my mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Sometimes I don’t proof read my messages.

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