The Summer List

ice cream and summerSchools ends this week, which means the summer season is about to begin. This summer feels different than ones in the past. When the kids were younger, they spent most of their time at home, so the transition from spring to summer went by nearly unnoticed. This year, Jason attended kindergarten and Jenna was in pre-K, so they are about to experience their first “summer break.”

I want to start things off right, so in my usual planning ways, I decided to make a list of activities I definitely don’t want to forget. I also asked everyone in the family to come up with their own lists, which resulted in varying degrees of success. The conversation with Jason, for example, ended with him asking to visit the Louvre.

Here’s what made my list:
  • Make homemade ice cream: As of this weekend, I can check this one off my list. Although now that I know how easy it is, I’ll be making more and more!
  • Attend a concert in the park: The Fort Worth Botanical Garden hosts a series with the FW Symphony. Last year we attended a Beatles performance, but this year, we’ve got our sights on the Star Wars Laser Show.
  • Have an outdoor movie night: This will likely also be an “epic” Star Wars event, to use an adjective my son has recently learned.
  • Go to a (good) farmer’s market: We have a nearby farmer’s market that we’ve visited a few times. The produce selection is always so-so and the highlight is a Dallas bakery that makes the rounds to the markets-in-the-suburbs. There is something wrong about visiting the farmer’s market and only walking away with cookies and a loaf of bread, no?
  • Help Jenna publish her first book: Jenna has been asking a lot of questions about how books are “colored” and has even mentioned wanted to make her own “real book,” so I’m hoping to publish a collection of her drawings this summer.

Anyone else making a list of summer not-to-miss activities?


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