Friendship Jewelry

friendship jewelry

I remember making friendship bracelets as a child, but I had no idea how early the trend of exchanging jewelry with friends could begin. Jenna has been coming home from pre-K with all sorts of beaded creations lately. This weekend, she had her first play date so I decided to to help her make a gift for our little hostess. I found a set of adjustable silver rings at Michaels and assembled a mix of buttons, beads and wooded shapes we had on hand for her to choose from. My favorite is the golden heart ring, an idea I saw here.


4 thoughts on “Friendship Jewelry

  1. School’s out! Summer fun is in. Library Club is a good idea to keep up with reading fluently.
    Sensory Groups using hands on experiments with clay, play-dough, bubbles, sand, plaster prints. etc.
    Swimming classes. River canoeing. Disney. It’s going to be fun. Collecting rocks and making art with them.
    Can’t wait to hear what you and your friends come up with. Keep it simple and fun. Love you! -may
    P.S. Love the Smart book cover idea for Jenna’s first book.

    • Hi May! Today is our first day of summer!!! J+J are so excited and we’ve got lots of fun planned. Wish I had the summer off too.

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