Simple/Fun: Volcano Experiment

volcano experiement

By far the most popular outdoor activity I planned for the past weekend was a volcano experiment. By combining baking soda and food coloring and then adding vinegar, Jason and Jenna were able to create  bubbling, overflowing cauldrons of “lava.” Who knew a few pantry staples could provide so much fun?

volcano experiment

volcano experiment


4 thoughts on “Simple/Fun: Volcano Experiment

  1. This is such a nice activity… outdoor, of course! 😀
    I still remember my dad when I was a child… he said “how about putting some mentos into a coca cola bottle and seeing what happen?” It was his inner child talking 😀 ahahah

    • Oh, I’ve read about the mentos/coke bottle. That sounds awesome! Still planning to do that with my kids some day.

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