Friday Favorites: VSCO Edition


I didn’t think anything could replace Instagram as my favorite iPhone app, but last week I downloaded VSCO Cam and suddenly I have a brand new hobby. VSCO stands for Visual Supply Co, and in addition to the camera and filters, they offer a beautifully designed online gallery (aka ‘the grid’) for showcasing your photos. And while Instagram will continue to be my go-to app for sharing scenes from everyday life, the VSCO grid will be my spot for posting my most beautiful images – a place to refine my skills and reflect on my craft. Instagram is my life, VSCO is my art.

Each week, VSCO highlights some of the best images uploaded to VSCO grid and other social media. I’ve just started exploring, but here are a few of my favorite photographers so far:

And here is my VSCO grid:

Happy Weekend!


One thought on “Friday Favorites: VSCO Edition

  1. It’s been my favorite for quite some time, and I would like to use their program for lightroom too… just need to find the time to download it and learn it (I use mostly photoshop.) But it is indeed beautiful….

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