Weekend Snapshot: Sneak Peek

I’ve been pretty quiet in this space lately, mostly because we’ve been hard at work preparing for a move into a new house while also keeping our current house show-ready – not an easy task with children.  We spent some time at the new house this weekend, so I decided to share a few pics of my favorite parts, which mostly boils down to endless trees and awesome windows for viewing them. I can’t wait to share more soon!
weekend snapshot - new house


One thought on “Weekend Snapshot: Sneak Peek

  1. Wow your weekends will be filled with walks, family hikes, and running errands around town. You all will need easygoing cargo clothing with roomy pockets at the sides and back for all those fall treasures the kids will pick up. Also a brown and white spotted hunter dog for those long walks amongst the trees. After all a dog is the truest friend you’ll find. Do you have a guest house around back? Just wondering. Well. love the trees, and the brick, and the windows. Can’t wait for the next sneak peek! Love, Aunt May

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