Perfectly Good Packing Supplies

It started with just a few toys disappearing from their rooms. Before putting our home on the market, we were advised to store some of the toys in our children’s rooms and playroom in order to make our home appear to have ample space. So a few boxes of Legos, stuffed animals and other treasured belongings were hidden away in a storage unit. Now we’re one week from moving into our new home, packing is well underway and the lack of toys has grown to epic proportions. As a result, J+J have taken to co-opting our packing supplies to suit their purposes. No toys? No problem, but clearly the playing must go on.

playing packing supplies


One thought on “Perfectly Good Packing Supplies

  1. I came across a email with 3 adorable children running towards the ocean advertising activities for Ironman.
    I didn’t realize it was special needs children. It looks like fun and learning about types of bikes, etc.

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