Room Tour: Family Room

cozy family room decor

After weeks of having only a single chair in our family room, our new sofa arrived and I think we have a new favorite room. Spending time in this space prompted me to want to decorate, so I spent the weekend adding some finishing touches.

The room stays fairly dark due to the narrow windows and the brick fireplace facade that covers nearly an entire wall. I would love to paint the brick white to brighten up the room, but my husband isn’t entirely sold on the idea. So for now, we’re going with a cozy, den-like feel.

Here’s a view of the room before we added furniture:

family room before furniture

And here are some views of the furnished family room:

family room - furnished

We’ve accumulated a few map prints over the past couple of years, so we decided to incorporate those into the decor and have even nicknamed the room ‘the map room.’family room map decor

We’ll continue to use the console table as a desk for homework time, but will most likely minimize the desk accessories for now since most of the homework this year has been reading.

family room

And, finally, one of my favorite accessories is the black globe that I “borrowed” from my son’s room:



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