Dinnerware Displays

I’ve always loved open china cabinets and dish displays but I’ve never had the opportunity to incorporate one in my home. In the new house, we have a couple of open shelves in our kitchen and I’m converting an armoire into a dinnerware cabinet in the dining room. Now that I have the opportunity, I’m not entirely convinced I have the skills to pull it off.

Here are a few inspiring displays to help guide me:

displaying dinnerware

displaying dinnerware

displaying dinnerware

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5 thoughts on “Dinnerware Displays

  1. DINNERWARE DISPLAY just got better. You can do it. Try NEW DIFFERENT LOOKS.
    This is my plan this weekend. Explore more ideas. Change positions. The hardest thing
    is letting go of your things stacking neatly. Once you do, enjoy the journey. I like the idea of
    keeping it handy, adding plants, bold colors in your glasses, and wood / art showing behind
    on some of the shelves. Happy Weekend! Love, Aunt May

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