Holiday Decorating

holiday decorating: when do you begin?

Have you started decorating for the holidays? We started the day after Halloween, and we’ve received a bit of criticism (via social media, of course) for what some perceive as an inappropriately early start to the holiday season. I don’t actually disagree, but we had our reasons. We’re hosting a holiday charity event in a couple of weeks. One thing I’ve learned: nothing makes your critics look worse (or apologize faster) than explaining that your actions have been put forth to raise money for those less fortunate.

What are your plans for the weekend? Me, I’ll be decorating … and scouring the web for inspiration. And speaking of inspiration, have you seen Lowe’s Deck the Halls Event? I need a little of that action at my house.

Happy Holidays Friday!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating

  1. Yes, I heard many stars always start decorating the day after Halloween. They also get static
    from their husbands though. Everything looks nice! Good luck scouting. That’s where the fun
    comes in. I have been checking out the web as well. Tonight the new mall is having activities
    from 5 to closing and a tree lighting ceremony at 7:00pm. You know who will be there. We’re
    going even though I am sick. I have been on Med. since Mon. I have never been to a tree lighting
    ceremony before. Joe, I like the logs. J & J the tree looks good. Grandma’s on her way.
    P.S. I started to PIN. I didn’t know people keep emailing you that they pinned your pin. I’m not good
    at it. Love, Aunt may

    • Hi May,
      Luckily for me I think Joe is having just as much fun as I am on the holiday decorating. And, yes, my mom arrived tonight with an entire car full of Christmas decor. Yay! I’ll share some pictures soon. Have fun pinning!

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