Decorating With Christmas Lights

This holiday season, we are decorating nearly every room in our home for an upcoming charity event. Nearly. Every. Room.

Not only is it a bit more work than I realized, it’s also pretty expensive to put up decorations in rooms that, in previous holiday seasons, had no trace of Christmas cheer. It’s caused me to get a bit creative in the decorations department, and, in a couple of rooms, I’ve turned to Christmas lights to bring a festive look without spending a lot of money.

Here are two ways I’ve incorporated Christmas lights in our house:

decorating with christmas lights - bedroom lights

This  is my favorite BY FAR, and I’m hoping we leave it up after the holidays. To create the bedroom lights, I purchased four sheer curtain panels from Target along with two sets of white Christmas lights. We used push pins to attach the lights to the wall behind the bed.

Decorating with lights: bedroom lights

decorating with christmas lights - wall tree lights

For the wall tree, I started by measuring the top center point of the tree and then measuring equal distances from the center for the outermost left and right points. I drew dots on these points in chalk and then attached striped burlap ribbon using pushpins. The white garland and battery-operated lights were purchased at Target.

Decorating with lights: tree lights


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