Large-Scale Photo Prints

creating large scale engineering printsI’ve always wanted to try printing a photo in a large-scale format. Staples, Office Depot and other print/supply stores will create large, black-and-white engineering prints for under $10. After our big ice storm a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had the perfect photo to try it out.

I started with this photo that I took while we were sledding in our neighborhood:


I converted it to black and white, bumped up the contrast and cropped it to the print dimensions – 36 x 48 inches.


And after printing it at Staples, I attached it to my office wall using 3M poster strips.



3 thoughts on “Large-Scale Photo Prints

  1. Your poster makes me want to immerse in the sight of beauty and grace.
    Always creating sights to remember. You must love all that nature around you.
    I know I would love it. What does next week hold? We get colorful clouds and
    sky settings. Everyone is getting excited about Christmas. Me, too!

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