Flower Seed Valentines

Yesterday, I finished making Jenna’s Valentine’s for her classroom party. I love the idea of giving flower seed packets instead of candy, so I was pretty excited about these. Jenna also seemed pretty happy with these little boxes, until she saw the Valentine’s I’m making for her brother. More on that later this week when I get done cutting, folding, gluing and filling 21 paper Minecraft treasure boxes.

flower seed valentines: give packets of flower seeds instead of candy for classroom valentines


4 thoughts on “Flower Seed Valentines

  1. I like the new feature in your photos with the waterlog. Could you explain the idea?
    Also I’m curious how it would work with some of Joe’s pictures of the outdoors and food.
    It looks like you painted a picture in watercolors. Is that the idea? I like the effect of
    Jason’s picture running and jumping. Thanks!

    • Waterlogue is an iphone app that I downloaded recently. It lets you convert a photo into a watercolor-looking picture. You can use any photo on your phone, but it seems to work best with simple photos that don’t’ have too much detail.

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