Houseplant Help

indoor houseplant help: tips and resources for indoor plants

I love having lots of plants in our house, but I don’t have the best track record keeping them alive.  Every spring, I fill my house with plants, only to have most of them heading for the trash bin by the end of summer. This time around, I’ve been reading up on indoor gardening and have even started selecting plants based on hardiness. I’m especially encouraged by articles about plants that seem to thrive under any conditions. Surely, I can make keep a few of those alive.

Here are a few of the articles I’ve found most helpful:
Here are a few more scenes of green in my own home:

indoor houseplant help: tips and resources for indoor plants


6 thoughts on “Houseplant Help

    • I know exactly what you mean. But I’m hoping that by starting with plants that don’t want too much attention, I’ll be able to keep a few alive. Good luck!

      • I tried some succulents last year. A couple have survived (barely)–a sign that I am simply neglectful of the green plants. I may give these another go. If nothing else, I do manage to grow herbs and flowers during the summer and am always happy to watch them flourish! Herbs especially seem to be easy.

  1. This weekend I picked up some new bathroom towels and hung a new picture in my little bathroom.
    I had been thinking of plants for spring. Still have that beautiful pot I got for Christmas. Never did get
    it potted with plants. Now’s the time. I loved the article about “House Plants for the Forgetful Gardner.”
    When I saw the Geranium plants I remember mother always telling me how easy they are. She usually
    planted red. I never knew you could get multicolor and scented blooms. I might look for those.

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