Photo Inspiration: In the Garden

shades of pale green in the garden

I’ve been seeing lots of garden and outdoor accessories in a very pale shade of green, and I’m thinking about incorporating the color in our backyard. I love how it blends with the surrounding plants.

Sources: Inspiration Photo / Dream Bench / Sunglasses / Basket Tote / Glasses / Watering Can



2 thoughts on “Photo Inspiration: In the Garden

  1. Camp Cinderella…what a big success! When you start planning it seems you have forever to get ready and before you know it the party is over. Where did the time go? Jenna, I love your adornments. Smile. You had the latest look for a Cinderella Camp Party. Now your stylish summer starts. Smile. Did you get a surprise in the mail?

    • Hi – yes, we did get a surprise and Jenna loves it. How did you know jewelry-making is her favorite these days?!

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