Charlie & Lola Photo Opp

For Jenna’s Charlie & Lola themed birthday party, I created two (almost) life-sized panels of the characters that the children could stand behind and have their pictures taken “as” Charlie or Lola.

Here’s how I made the panels:

  1. I painted a 6′ x 4′ trifold presentation board (purchased at Hobby Lobby) to look like a wall background (dark brown “wood” floor and pink painted walls). The trifold format allowed the pictures to stand up on their own so that the children could stand behind them.
  2. In Photoshop, I sized images of the characters to scale to the presentation board (making Charlie about 3 1/3 ft tall and Lola 2 1/2 ft tall).
  3. Because I didn’t think I could get poster-sized images of the copyrighted characters professionally printed, I divided the images (in Photoshop) into smaller 8 x 10 images that I could print on my home printer.
  4. I cut out the pieces of the characters and reassembled them on the presentation board. I tried to divide the images in ways that would make the lines less obvious – I printed the arms on one page, Lola’s dress on another, etc. I glued the reassembled characters onto the painted panels.
  5. I used an exacto knife to cut out the faces (including the panel beneath), leaving large holes that the children could stick their heads into.

Here are the files:



25 thoughts on “Charlie & Lola Photo Opp

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  2. Hi,
    My little one is in love with Charlie and Lola
    I have no idea (even after your instructions) how to make those panels (and I don’t have photoshop!) and I think they are absolutely briliant!!!!!!
    Do you think you could possibly send me those pieces you prepered? I hope you are not offended but I realy adore them and I am sure Miriam would be overjoyed if she could have something like that at her party!!!!!

    • Hi Hanna,
      I am so sorry – I would send you the individual pages if I had kept them, but I only kept the large/full image. I could email those to you and you could try to have them printed at a print/copy shop. Let me know if you’d like the full-sized images and I can send them along. Best wishes on your daughter’s birthday party!

  3. Hello!!!

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!! Oh please, please, please could I too have the full image size so I could get these printed?

    These will go down a treat at my daughters 2nd Birthday, she is Lola MAD!

    Thank you so much in advance!


  4. Absolutely loved the things you did at your Charlie and Lola party. Could you please send me the images if you still have them?

    Also, could you please provide a bit more info about how you did the decorating Lola’s dress activity?

  5. Hello,

    These look wonderful! It would be much appreciated if you could pls email me these images so that I could get them printed professionally for my daughters party in June. Thanks so much and again they look great!!!

  6. Hello,
    These do look amazing!! I am in the middl of preparing for my daughter’s birthady and these would be a very special touch. Could I ask you to email these to me as well. I will get them professionally printed too.
    Thanks in advance,

  7. This is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m planning a Charlie and Lol party for my 5yr old girl. Can you also sent me the full size for the photo op? I have photoshop and can it get it printed. Thanks for your great ideas for a C & L party.

  8. Hello, I know this is a very late request, but would you still happen to have the file for these images? I would love to make this project for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. Thank you so much.

  9. This is grandma Boo here. I have been given the task of making these for my granddaughter’s birthday party (we live in Wellington NZ). I would also love your file to print. You are wonderful sharing with everyone. Thanks, Boo

  10. these are very clever 🙂 could you please send me the full image file. i’m in Australia and looking at a charlie and lola theme for my daughter’s birthday party. thank you very much.

  11. Absolutely brilliant!! If not too much trouble, it’d be a great prop for my daughter’s birthday too! I’m in Malaysia, and your brilliant craft is travelling all the way there! 🙂 My email is, thank you so much!

  12. I love these! Both of my children love Charlie and Lola! I am planning a Charlie and Lola Party for my daughter and would love to have the template as well

  13. Wow!!!! I love these….. is there any way you could email them to me so I could get them printed. Hope that its not too much of a bother. Thanking you in advance. Gina B

  14. My daughter wants a 4th birthday party “one like Lola would have” so am busy researching this at the moment. So far thinking of providing bunny ears and pink frilly skirts for the girl guests to wear and something in a monster theme for the boys. Would you mind emailling me the photo opp pics too? They look fab – the whole party looks fantastic. Lucky Jenna! Thanks warmhotchocolate.

  15. Could you please email me the images I have a few books but nothing that would work with a panel. I know this was a few years ago so if you still have them it would be greatly appreciated. Email is
    PS beautiful party hope mine is just as pretty and thank you in advance

  16. Thanks for sharing your work! I stumbled upon this as I am planning a C&L party for my girlie.

    Question- was the trifold really 6′ x 4′?

    Thank you again!!

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