Making Fresh Pasta with Children

Making fresh pasta: A fun activity to share with your children

Cooking with Jason and Jenna is something I wish I did more often. They’re getting older, but I don’t always recognize how much they can handle these days – especially Jenna who loves to help out in the kitchen. This weekend was a serious reminder of just how much that little girl can do.

On Friday night, I made a batch of pasta and saved some dough so that Jenna could make her own noodles the next day. I thought it would mostly be for fun and didn’t really think we’d end up with an edible batch. But the fettuccine noodles for lunch, shown above, were almost entirely Jenna’s creation.

The dough was already prepared, a step I’ll likely do in advance next time too since I used a semolina pasta recipe, which is a little hard to knead. Once I showed her how to flatten a piece of the dough and guide it through the KitchenAid attachment, she worked through the entire batch. My only role was adjusting the levels during the flattening step and turning off the power between each piece.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve made fresh pasta, but now that I have a helper, I’ll be making it more often!

Making fresh pasta: A fun activity to share with your children




Holiday Cooking with Kids

One of the things I’m enjoying the most about this holiday season is cooking with Jenna and Jason. Well, mostly Jenna. Tonight, however, Jason surprised me by helping out in the kitchen. I’m not sure if it was because we were making chocolate cake (his favorite) or because I found a task that suits him so well (spraying the baking dishes). Either way, it was fun finding something we all enjoyed making (oh, and eating). I’m hoping to try a few new recipes before Christmas, including these gingerbread cookies and these adorable marshmallow snowmen.