Music Party Thank You Cards

Today, I finally crossed “send birthday thank you cards” off my list. Yay! Jason’s party was over 6 weeks ago, so I’m definitely behind the curve by most standards. I feel like I deserved an extension because his birthday falls just before Halloween and then our anniversary and then Thanksgiving. You can see how I could fall behind. My other excuse is that I started out creating personalized cards featuring photos of of each child. This was going great until I couldn’t find good photos – or any photos – of some of the attendees (note to self for next party: photograph everyone!) and I had a few on the list who didn’t attend the party. So, I went back to the guitar motif from the invites and made these thank you cards.

For anyone planning a music-themed party, here’s a template for these cards. I also posted templates and instructions for the invites here.


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